Women Mystics of Christianity

There are several things the Christian faith simply has to admit to and face in its history, things that have to be repudiated.. These include the approval of slavery, the misguided movement called "The Crusade," the treatment of and attitude toward Jews, and the subjagation of more than 50% of the world's population -- women.

Politically and in terms of clergy, the Church became a sort of Boy's Club, and women were "put in their place" from as early as Paul's writings. Yet in times when the Christian religion was at it's darkest point, it is women who kept the inner Spirit of the faith alive until it could burn more openly. This began as early as Jesus himself, who had amongst his followers and workers women who played essential roles both in supporting and participating in his ministery.

So, t he tradition of the Christian mystic has been enriched beyond measure by the presence of remarkable women who, for various reasons, took to the path and dedicated their lives to the unitive experience with the Divine.

Women Christian MysticWhile for some people, mysticism is strictly about ecstatic experiences and kind of "other-worldly" take on life around us, the common thread that runs through the female mystics of Christianity is that of heroic virtue, often in the face of such severe mistreatment and misunderstanding that their continued, grounded faith proves an inspiration to all. Their lives reflect a desire to express their experience of the Divine in a deep and radiating love, and much of the language is spiritual intimacy.

In the words of Ronda De Sola Chervin, author of Prayers of the Women Mystics, "..we can all be inspired by these women who were first and foremost frail human beings who desired to be holy as God is holy. Our horizons can be expanded as we observe the various ways God worked in the lives of these women as they responded to his graces."

St. Hildegard of Bingen
In 1141, Hildegard had a vision that changed the course of her life. A vision of God gave her instant understanding of the meaning of the religious texts, and commanded her to write down everything she would observe in her visions...

Elizabeth of the Trinity
"May my life be a continual prayer, a long act of love...Oh Master, I would so long to live with You in silence. You are the cell of my heart; may it be your little Bethany. Come rest there; I love You so...

Therese of Lisieux - The Little Flower
"I want, O my Beloved, at each beat of my heart to renew this offering to You an infinite number of times, until the shadows having disappeared I may be able to tell...

Women Christian Mystics

St. Bernadette Soubirous
"I must become a saint. My Jesus expects it...

Teresa of Avila
One of the best loved of all the mystics, Teresa's story is unique. Her insights into the mystical process, have served as inspiration and guide to many...

Julian of Norwich
In the wisdom which arose from the experience of her continuing relationship with a loving God, Julian came to perceive God as compassionate, loving, forgiving Mother, the One who assures us that all will be wonderfully well. (Coming Soon)

Female Christian Mystics