Rufus Jones

Quotes of: Rufus Jones

Rufus Jones (1863-1948) was the foremost interpreter of mysticism and Quakerism as well as the most influential Friend of modern times.

His simple and convincing style of speaking and writing, freely punctuated with apt quotations and humorous illustrations, won a worldwide audience for his message. In hundreds of editorials, articles, and pamphlets, and in 56 books, he presented the claims of a practical, everyday life with the everpresent Christ as Guide, Counsellor, and Friend.

Coupled with this talent in writing and speaking was a remarkable gift in organizing and guiding religious and humanitarian movements. He was the first editor of The American Friend, one of the organizers of the Five Years Meeting of Friends, one of the persons most responsible for the development of the American Friends Service Committee, and the one who conceived the idea of the Wider Quaker Fellowship. Much of his time, thought, and energy was devoted to work outside the Religious Society of Friends, particularly as a chapel speaker in American colleges.

For more than 40 years he taught psychology, philosophy, ethics, and the development of Christian thought, at Haverford College, profoundly influencing many generations of college students. He was an inspiring teacher and it was his work as a professor which meant most to him.

These and other activities grew out of a rich and radiant Christian life. He knew God experimentally; he had seen and heard the Living Christ. To other travellers on the trail of life he speaks as follows:


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