The Quaker Mystics

The director of Friendly Persuasion, the famous film dealt with the beliefs and ideas of Quakers, once said, "The only problem with Quakers is that there are just too few of them."

Quakers are considered by some to be both the most mystical and the most practical of Christian groups. Hopefully, by the time you finish reading through the articles and quotes you'll be interested to see if there's a Meeting in your town - if only to discover more about the fascinating and powerful aspects of Christian tradition.

The Story of Quakers

How did this movement start? Why was the spiritual life so hated that over 12,000 Friends were imprisoned, maimed, beaten or hanged...

Mary Dyar Christian Mystics

Quaker Leaders Speak

There have been some rather amazing individuals within the Quaker or Friends faith, and many of them are easily considered Christian Mystics. There are countless examples within the writings, speeches and teachings of these leaders.

-- We offer a gathering of these teachings from some of the best known Friends.

George Fox Christian Mystics


Excerpts from George Fox's Journal
Beaten, jailed - but the hat stayed on. Discover one of the more remarkable spiritual journals ever written...

Mary Dyar
For those who believe That everyone came to the American colonies for religious freedom and found what they were searching for, think again. Mary Dyar and two others were told to stay out of Boston, that Quakers were not allowed within the area. If they returned, they would be hanged. She came back. Find out what happened...

The Programmed Quaker Meeting
Not all Quakers wait in silence, as in an "unprogrammed" meeting. Here's some insight into the other form of Quaker practice from author Tonya Riggs...

Christ and Early Quakers
Maurice Creasey offers up one version of Christ as seen by the early Quakers. From a tract by the Tract Association of Friends...

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