Christian Mystics Basic Concepts

If you're not at all sure what it means to be a Christian Mystic, then you're in the right place!

The essays we've listed look at what it is to call one's self a Christian Mystic. As you know, there are great variations in what a Christian believes, and it can get even more complicated when the word "mystic" is tacked on!

Welcome to the Table!
Before you get started, we'd recommend you take a moment to read this short piece on the mystic in Christian tradition, the spirit of this site, and more.

What Is A Christian Mystic?
For many people, the word "mystic" summons up images of the occult or of otherworldly spiritual attitudes. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Faith in Christian Mysticism by: Chuck Dunning
"Because turning inward also makes us more profoundly aware of our humanity, we understand that we can err in the thinking, the management of emotions, and the actions driven by the energy of our faith."

Defining The Christian Mystic
Discover snippets that help put across the attitude and flavor of the Christian Mystic.

Tools of the Christian Mystic
Prayer, contemplation and more make up the keys to knowing and loving God and God's immediate presence.

Two Views on Christianity
We live in a world where there are two approaches to Christianity and these might be called "The Way of Love" and "The Way of the Law."

Finding A Voice As A Christian Mystic
One woman's approach to what it means to be a Christian Mystic.

Advice to Christian Mystics
It wasn't written just yesterday, either! Some points to contemplate on the journey.

If you have NO idea what a Christian mystic is and can’t quite find the answer you’re looking for on the site and the above resources, this may very well be a good starting point.