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Over the years, Christian Mystics has put together a library of books, essays and other resources which are now available to you. All available resources are linked to our menu located on the right side of each page in the christian mystics library.

There are several, well developed, areas for you to explore:


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Christian Mystics Goes Social... Now you can setup your own Blog and discuss your personal experiences as a Christian Mystic. For an excellent example of what you can do check out Way of The Heart setup by Chuck Dunning at his new blog.

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What Is A Christian Mystic?
A person concerned not with knowing the letter of the Word, or religious dogmas, but with knowing the Spirit of the Word...

Mysticism 101
A great place to start, there you will find several articles on the basics of christian mysticism.

Highlights various historical figures who have so eloquently expressed their views on Christianity from the mystical perspective.

Features writings and essays over the topic of Christian Mysticism from a more modern point of view.


This has grown a little to large to take in all in one visit. Hopefully you will bookmark and return, to become part of the large community of visitors. Our visitors are NOT of one mind. They range from fundamentalists to liberals, from Episcopals to Unitarians, from Catholics to individuals who may have no connection whatsoever to any church or group. Mystics are never in great number and always sprinkled about the earth like salt... All are welcome here!