From Sadhu Sundar Singh

By: Brian Robertson

From a fascinating spiritual figure, Sadhu Sundar Singh on whom more information is available on Wikipedia.

Sadhu Sundar Singh


God never discourages a seeker by judging his or her beliefs to be wrong. Rather,  God allows each person to recognize spiritual error or truth by degrees. The story is told of a poor grass cutter who found a beautiful stone in the jungle. He had often heard of people finding valuable diamonds and thought this must be one. He took it to a jeweler and showed it to him with delight.

Being a kind and sympathetic man, the jeweler knew that if he bluntly told the grass cutter that his stone was worthless glass, the man would either refuse to believe it or else fall into a state of depression.  So instead, the jeweler offered the grass cutter some work in his shop so that he might become better acquainted with precious stones and their value.

Meanwhile, the man kept his stone safely locked away in a strongbox. Several weeks later, the jeweler encouraged the man to bring out his own stone and examine it. As soon as he took it out of the chest and looked at it more closely, he immediately saw that it was worthless. His disappointment was great, but he went to the jeweler and said: “I thank you that you did not destroy my hope but aided me instead to see my mistake on my own. If you will have me, I will stay with you and faithfully serve you, as you are a good and kind master.” In the same way, God leads back to truth those who have wandered into error. When they recognize the truth for themselves, they gladly and joyfully give themselves in obedient service.



[the above was beautiful inspiration 2 me. i received christ 3-18–07. i have been the recipient of so many spiritual truths since then. the lord GOD -in CHRIST teaches me things themselves. i stumbled onto your site by chance. i never had truths about goddesses, buddhism, number symbols animal symbols, etc. until i was taught these things by GOD. i am grateful for your site. how can i reach u via e-mail?]



I wish to introduce myself, I have been reading and enjoying your blog for a few months now. It is rare to find fellow a fellow mytic from the ancient disciplines. I am glad to have found your blog.

I read this article a couple weeks ago and have pondered it since. I find the parable of the jeweler to be very enlightening. My only comment is that while I believe all who seek find God, I don’t believe all are seeking as I know too many people who are content in their misery.

Thank you for your labor, I look forward to more.