A Christian Mystic Joke

By: Brian Robertson

Ok, only one I know. There may be more. Books of them, but I’ve never quite come across them!

Here goes. Read and enjoy.

There was once a Christian mystic, an evangelical pastor and a fundamentalist evangelist die on the same day and awake to find themselves by the pearly gates.

After a little time had passed St. Peter came out and said to the mysticJesus will see you now’. On hearing this the old man got up and disappeared into a little room. Five hours later the mystic reappeared with a little smile, saying ‘How could I have been so lazy?’

Then St. Peter signaled to the evangelical pastor who stood up and entered the room. After a day had passed the pastor reappeared with a deep frown and said ‘How could I have been so foolish.’

Finally St. Peter asked the fundamentalist to follow him. The fundamentalist picked up his well-worn bible and walked into the room. A few days passed with no sign of the fundamentalist, then finally the door swung open and Jesus himself appeared exclaiming ‘How could I have gotten it all so wrong?