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The World English New TestamentThe World English New Testament: - The World English Bible is a Modern English translation of the Holy Bible, based on the American Standard Version (1901), the Biblia Hebraica Stutgartensa Old Testament, and the Greek Majority Text New Testament. It is extremely helpful for its clear and agreeable translation which can shed light on any number of verses. Recommended!
Jesus The Son of ManJesus, The Son of Man: by Gibran - A remarkable book looking at Jesus from the point of view of contemporaries, some favorable and inspired, some not-so-favorable and very telling of the person speaking. Spiritually insightul and dramatic in its poetic mystery, the format doesn't do the book justice, but it is well worth having and reading. Also available online
In Tune With the InfiniteIn Tune With the Infinite: by Ralph Waldo Trine - "The moment we fully and vitally realise who and what we are, we then begin to build our own World even as God builds his. Within yourself lies the cause of whatever enters into your life. To come into the full realization of your own awakened interior powers is to be able to condition your life in exact accord with what you would have it"
The Science of MindThe Science of Mind: by Ernest Holmes - Using creative techniques, Holmes guides the student in easy-to-follow steps toward mastering the powers of the mind to find purpose in life. His explanations of how to pray and meditate, heal oneself spiritually, find self confidence, and express love have helped millions change their lives for the better. The Science of Mind is one of those spiritual classics that belongs on the bookshelf of anyone who wishes a life for themselves free of compulsion and negativity.
ProsperProsper: by Charles Fillmore - He was an innovative thinker, a pioneer in metaphysical thought at a time when most religious thought in America was entirely orthodox. He was a lifelong advocate of the open, inquiring mind, and he took pride in keeping abreast of the latest scientific and educational discoveries and theories. Fillmore was born on an Indian reservation just outside the town of St. Cloud, Minnesota, in 1854. He lived to be 93 years old.
When You Can Walk On WaterWhen You Can Walk On Water, Take The Boat: by John Harricharan - A triumphant journey of self-discovery that will change the way you look at the world. If you liked Richard Bach's Illusions or Og Mandino's Greatest Salesman, this book is for you!

SiddharthaSiddhartha: by Hermann Hesse - A classic tale of a spiritual quest, a book that enthralled a generation.

As A Man ThinkethAs A Man Thinketh: by James Allen - Your thoughts and your dreams determine what you are and what you will be. This little book is meant to stimulate men and women to the discovery and perception of the truth that they themselves are makers of themselves, by virtue of the thoughts which they choose and encourage.

The Power of SilenceThe Power of Silence: by Horatio Dresser - We live in a nervous, hurrying age, and too much cannot be said about the resources of the meditative life. To be restfully silent is of course to be calm within..If you are to meditate in peace you must be peaceful. The silent time is needed largely as a preparation for the remainder of the day. Learn the Power of Silence. Activate the Power of Silence.
Essays of Ralph Waldo EmersonEssays of Ralph Waldo Emerson: by Ralph Waldo Emerson - As one of the architects of the transcendentalist movement, Emerson embraced a philosophy that championed the individual, emphasized independent thought, and prized "the splendid labyrinth of one's own perceptions." More than any writer of his time, he forged a style distinct from his European predecessors and embodied and defined what it meant to be an American. Matthew Arnold called Emerson's essays "the most important work done in prose."
The Peace PilgrimThe Peace Pilgrim: by The Peace Pilgrim - From 1953 to 1981 a silver haired woman calling herself only "Peace Pilgrim" walked more than 25,000 miles on a personal pilgrimage for peace. She vowed to "remain a wanderer until mankind has learned the way of peace, walking until given shelter and fasting until given food." In the course of her 28 year pilgrimage she touched the hearts, minds, and lives of thousands of individuals all across North America. Her message was both simple and profound. It continues to inspire people all over the world.
George Fox An AutobiographyGeorge Fox, An Autobiography: by George Fox - George Fox (July 1624 – January 13, 1691) was an English Dissenter and a major early figure — usually considered the founder — of the Religious Society of Friends, commonly known as the Quakers. Living in a time of great social upheaval, he rebelled against the religious and political consensus by proposing an unusual and uncompromising approach to the Christian faith. His journal is a text known even among non-Quakers for its vivid account of his personal journey.
Byways to BlessednessByways to Blessedness: By James Allen - Along the great highway of life there are such resting places; away from the heat of passion and the dust of disappointment, under the cool and refreshing shade of lowly Wisdom, are the humble, unimposing "rest-houses" of peace, and the little, almost unnoticed, byways of blessedness, where alone the weary and footsore can find strength and healing.