Brian Robertson,
Discovering Christian Mystics

Below you will find "Brian's Corner", including Brian's thoughts on the subject of Christian Mysticism established from his years off attention to the topic as a contributing editor for

We hope you find his essays thought provoking, and at times perhaps, honest to a fault. The ideas and opinions expressed by Brian our uniquely his own as he shares his journey into Christian Mysticism...

About Brian:

Brian Robertson

Brian has worked as a professional storyteller, writer and blues musician. His latest book is Little Blues Book, with illustrations by the infamous R. Cumb.

By the time he was 22, Brian had embarked on a spiritual journey. His friendship with Alan Watts, his founding of the Houston Buddhist Society and his teachings at the University of Houston in meditation and Eastern thought which were some of the most popular classes ever held. He continues to teach and offer seminars and workshops.

His interest in Christian mystics has carried him back into Christianity by way of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell...

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